How dangerous is this basal cell cancer?

Basal cell carcinomas…


Just read a really nice international study on identifying BCC (basal cell cancer) sub-types in the January 2021edition of the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (JEADV). An abstract can be read here by non subscribers

BCC is generally thought of as not a dangerous cancer as, unlike melanoma, it seldom metastasises. However, once it has begun, it never stops growing and can make deeply penetrating ulcers which scab, bleed, grow, never heal and, given enough time, will destroy underlying structures and cause serious harm. They can cause blindness by infiltrating into an eye, and death may eventually result, for example by ulcerating into a major blood vessel or the brain. It is therefore worth making the effort to diagnose BCCs early, especially in the head and neck, even if only to get smaller scars and smaller surgeon’s bills.

This large, ugly. BCC could have…

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