Chronic Pain

Palouse mindfulness – I shared this after I discovered about it at a psychiatry course.  Well worth a look.

Head Space as the go-to app (based on evidence, albeit one study, small & undertaken by the app authors!).  Also, highest rated mindfulness app according to another paper using the MARS scale.  I should add, there doesn’t appear to be hard evidence that Mindfulness improves chronic pain.  It enhances acceptability but not intensity, probably by enhancing affective elements.

Struggling to be me‘ video (plus the healthcare professional opinions – a real eye-opener).  Based on a BJGP paper exploring patients experiences of living with chronic pain.

Pain Community Centre – a fantastic resource for chronic pain presentations and educational material mainly from the University of Cardiff. – not thoroughly evaluated but looks good.

The pain team page at the University College Hospital London – some good videos for patients who want to learn more.

Understanding pain in less than 5 minutes – YouTube video

Lower Back Pain by DocMikeEvans – YouTube video

Am I safe to move – Audio lecture by Prof Lorimer Moseley on pain

A professional resource from the University of Oxford with some tools to help GPs manage patients with chronic pain reduce their opiate use. A very good patient information leaflet is at the bottom.

The British Pain Society have lots of useful resources on their website for both patients and professionals.

Live well with pain is a site which was developed by clinicians, for clinicians to help them support patients towards better self-management of their long term pain. There is a patient focussed site which has some excellent resources.

Retrain pain is a resource I found out about today! The benefit of working with GP Registrars and getting loads of useful links. There are a series of short videos which are incredibly helpful.