About Me

Welcome to my blog.  I am a GP Trainer & Educator working for the MOD.  I have a variety of interests.  Education is probably my main one but I also have interests in Mens Health, Pain, Sexual Health, Primary Care Research and Clinical Leadership.  I am also learning how to use a Dermatoscope.

I do like my gadgets and am interested in how they can help with both mobile education as well as aiding lifestyle changes.  I will occasionally post about these or link to other colleagues working in these fields.  Generally they are far cleverer than me and their research/work is really interesting.

In the course of my reading and medical work, I come across interesting papers, patients and situations which I think would be useful for other people to read about so I will both write about and share these.

I completed a Masters in Medical Education which was incredibly useful in developing me as an educator. I am about to embark on one in Health Research Methods as I have recently taken up a part-time role as an Academic Fellow for Defence General Practice.