Capacity and Safeguarding

Mental Capacity Act.  Two good resources: Firstly a free online training tool available from the MPS.  It takes some time but it is comprehensive.  Secondly, everything (literally) you were afraid to ask about the MCA is available here.  This is an excellent resource with loads of information.

To create a Lasting Power of Attorney, visit the  Office of the Public Guardian. No solicitor is required, it costs £82, and you can have more than one.

For advanced decisions to refuse medical or life-sustaining treatment – website

WRAP (Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent) is free and can be booked here. From the site: ‘A free specialist workshop, designed by HM Government, to give you an introduction to the Prevent strategy and an individual’s role in safeguarding vulnerable people’.

Adult ADD can be diagnosed with the aid of a questionnaire here. I think this is important as I often wonder how many young unhappy soldiers we see coming into the surgery are actually undiagnosed. There is a really good quiz and learning module at Medscape which you will have to register for but it’s free.