Chronic Pain

After our 2 sessions on chronic pain, we have performed a couple of audits at Bulford.  My own is here: . Tony Dickinson has also done one here:

I found both sessions incredibly useful.  I am finding I am being more pragmatic with patients and being realistic with outcomes.  I think the main learning points for me have been

a. what is feeding the chronic pain cycle?  Catastrophising I think is an excellent term.

b. recording follow up thoroughly in follow up using the 6A’s.  In particular affect, adverse effects and analgesic effect.

I think there is probably some more work to do on the occupational aspects of strong analgesia.

One thought on “Chronic Pain

  1. Two interesting papers:

    Deyo, Richard A, Von Korff, Michael & Duhrkoop, David. 2015. Opioids for low back pain. BMJ 350: g6380.

    Freynhagen, Rainer, Geisslinger, Gerd & Schug, Stephan A. 2013. Opioids for chronic non-cancer pain. BMJ 346:


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