Welcome to the first blog entry of our PBSGL Blog!  I would appreciate it if you can spend a bit of time reading through this as a an invite to participate.

This blog has two purposes.  I unashamedly am using you as my Guinea Pigs for my assignment whilst participating in the Learning Technologies in Healthcare Education module of my MMedEd.  The purpose in this context is to assess the educational impact of the blog in enhancing learning following our face to face discussions.  Secondly I thought it might act as a tool to follow up on our sessions, sharing best practice, discussion of the cases and unanswered questions.  I am hoping by participating in this blog, your learning will be enhanced.

The blog will work as a discussion following the small group work.  I will summarise what was discussed.  I will then post it and link to it via my micro blog (Twitter).  What I need you to do is to obtain a Twitter account (free) on whichever platform you want.  If you could then follow me (@sppbsgl or @upavondoc), you will receive updates when they are complete.  Alternatively you can visit the blog directly at http://salisburyplainpbsgl.wordpress.com.

I hope everyone will participate.  It may be a blog is not the best way to do the post meeting discussion but it seems the easiest way to start.  Be aware the blog is open to the public so be careful when posting comments about patients.  Use general principles not specifics.  By all means link to websites and other resources.  I hope we can all share our combined knowledge this way.

Each blog entry will be in the format <month> meeting – <subject>.  I hope to tag the keywords to allow searching easier at a later date.  Once I hope it is established, the plan would be to open up the blog to other administrators to initiate posts.

As e-moderator, I will ensure that comments respect patient confidentiality as well as the copyright of the modules.  I don’t expect this to be particularly onerous as we all have a modicum of common sense.

At a later date, probably after two more modules, I will ask your for your feedback. In particular if the on-line discussion has enhanced your learning.

I will e-mail this out via the usual distribution list but if you could spend 2 minutes either registering for a Twitter account & following me or just following me, I would be grateful.  Thanks.

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